Heroes Must Die

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Heroes Must Die by Heroic Games combines an indie video game RPG and an interactive theater production.

Promise, Swordbreaker Master - One of the Most Dangerous Women in the World

Promise The Sworbreaker

Promise Profile Picture

Swordbreaker Master and Teacher
Former Sword-for-Hire

Gender: Female

Hair color: Auburn w/White streaks

Eye color: Black

Favorite color: Green

Favorite Swordbreak Maneuver: Doomsday Flash

Most Kills in One Attack: @%ERROR#&~?

Favorite Weapon: Swordbreaker Broadsword

Who Is Promise?

The woman warrior known as Promise is the tough-as-nails, last known “Swordbreaker” in the world. Once upon a time, she was a drifter and soldier-for-hire, looking to hone her skills in her forbidden art. After a chance meeting with the current mayor of Cardinal Point, she settled down to guard one of the last frontier towns near the massive Expanse – a giant, arid plain scorched by the Doomsday War centuries ago.

Promise strides with a quiet grace as she observes everything around her with purpose. Her lassiez-faire demeanor makes her seem like a country bumpkin, hiding her years of skill in combat behind a façade of contentment and simplicity.

If only she could get those young would-be-heroes to listen…


The Past of a Wandering Warrior

While most of the people of Cardinal Point know her as a simple farmer who is one of Mayor Auglenn’s best friends, Promise is possibly one of the most dangerous warriors in the known world. She is the last known practioner of the ancient and forbidden art of Swordbreaking - a fighting technique that melds swordplay with the mystical power of the elements to use an enemy’s own power against them, a power rumoured to be the downfall of the gods

…not that the claim can be confirmed…yet…  

Once a vagabond warrior on the trail of the person who had killed her master and thus nearly wiped out their art, she forsook her former name and called herself “Promise”, a title symbolic of her single desire to stop at nothing to find the assassin and get her revenge. For years, she challenged her sword against anyone or anything she could find – brigands, swordsmen, monsters, wizards – all comers met her swordbreaking wrath, with very few living to tell about it.

As she met with more and more opponents to test her growing strength, she was constantly contemplating her journey and ultimate fate if she continued on her path.  With each fight she had, it would usually bring more challengers to her looking for revenge, much like the revenge she sought – she concluded that meeting her master’s killer with violence would only bring about more violence. It was a never ending circle that began to sour her on revenge, to the point where when she finally did find him, she simply kissed the man on the forehead, forgave him and walked away.


A Non-Violent Transformation

Her final act against her master’s killer changed Promise completely. Gone was the dark, moody teenager who dreamed of all of the different ways she was going to dismember her target, replaced by a seasoned fighter who was at peace with her life. It gave her the perspective she had lacked - everything had consequence, every action, every decision, every word…everything elicited a reaction that could usually be accounted for. She spent many a night wide awake, wondering how the day unfolded as it did, and she believed if she could understand the idea of consequence better, she could ultimately influence the world around her to be better than it was.

To make the world a better place – her new “Promise” to the world at large.

Giving every bad guy out there one last chance...her new "Promise"...

Giving every bad guy out there one last chance...her new "Promise"...

She began the second chapter of her life as a hero-for-hire, attempting to use her words as a way to dismantle a situation before using her skills as a Swordbreaker. She found talking her opponents down from a confrontation to be much more rewarding than simply cutting them down. However, there was always an altercation that required her to use her skills – which motivated her to use other non-violent means the next time. There had to be a way for all confrontations to be met with non-violent means; no simple brigand could possibly stand up to her Swordbreaking abilities, she could save so many lives if they would just listen to reason.

In time she met Roeshander Auglenn, another hero who believed that some people were unable to be reached by non-violent means, and thus the need for heroes to act was a necessary evil. He offered to take her on his worldly quest to make a name for himself as a hero, and allow her to figure whether or not her beliefs of non-violence were true.


Final Evolution

Promise became a member of Auglenn’s adventuring party, consisting of herself, Auglenn, a sorceress named Jadyk and a mysterious ally who had his own questions to answer, known as The Arbiter. They wandered from province to province, righting wrongs and making a name for themselves as some of the bravest and strongest adventurers around. Word of their exploits were heard by the kings, and soon they were being hired for official business by all 5 of the main kingdoms on the mainland.

Though the details are lost to time, it is clear that one journey changed everything. In the early days of the Empire, as lands began to consolidate but before the rise of Lord Murder, the group disbanded. Anyone who could learn of this event might unlock the keys to understanding just how no heroes were able to stop the rise of the magically-infused-iron-fisted tyrant, Lord Murder.


Current Affairs

Years later, Auglenn Rosehander founded a small settlement at the edge of the world, Cardinal Point. Soon the lady Promise joined, on the condition that she be allowed to pass on the knowledge of Swordbreaking to a new generation, perhaps to teach it with the knowledge of consequence she had gained – her final “Promise” to the world she has come to love so much.

While Promise is seen as a wheat farmer with a cool demeanor who sometimes asks “silly philosophical questions,” she’s still seen with some apprehension from the population of Cardinal Point. They know she possesses forbidden magical powers that she uses to defend their borders from their enemies, and some fear the gods will return to exact their karmic vengeance from her use. But the three urchins she has taken under her wing have brought new life to the town, and their decisions may yet have consequences beyond which even she can prepare them for.