Heroes Must Die

Heroic Games

Heroes Must Die by Heroic Games combines an indie video game RPG and an interactive theater production.


Greetings, heroes and villains. This is Rick, creative lead behind Heroes Must Die. I'll be your guide throughout our production. Yes, I and the team will blog the entire damn process for creating a video game. This production blog will be more than just news and update. You will be able to see, from conception to completion, how the hell a giant multimedia experiment gets made.

So what is Heroes Must Die, you ask, oh figurative reader? It is the world's first combination video game and theatrical production. Stage 1 is an action RPG with a multiplatform release early 2014, and Stage 2 is a live theater show with a multi-city release late 2014. Both tackle the changing concept of heroes and the debate about video games as art. Mostly, though, both are high-action, fast-paced, comedic adventures. You can read more in the About page, and contact us for a press packet.

Stay tuned to the site for trailers, media, updates, art, and eventually demos and events. Stay tuned to this blog to follow us on a creative journey. Learn from our successes and failures, ask questions, give advice, duplicate or avoid our steps as needed. I sincerely hope you enjoy this catalogue of victories and slightly less awesome victories.

Next post I'll introduce myself and the team. For now, try not to die.