Heroes Must Die

Heroic Games

Heroes Must Die by Heroic Games combines an indie video game RPG and an interactive theater production.

Heroes Must Die Q&A with Rick Stemm #1

Welcome to our first "You have Questions - We have Answers" about Heroes Must Die! We received a bunch of questions from those interested in Heroes Must Die and we thank each and every one of you for your contribution! Our Fearless Leader, Rick Stemm, has chosen a few to answer, and in his almighty altruistic nature he's also added a few questions that he believes needs to be asked (and answered) so everyone can get a better idea of what's to come with Heroes Must Die.

Without further ado- here's Rick!


Wherein we answer frequent Queries about the Nature of the Project...

1. So this is an RPG, but like what kind?

Heroes Must Die is clearly inspired by classic SNES JRPGs (Super Nintendo-era versions of Japanese roleplaying games, for the acronym averse). That we've said from the beginning. It differs in that it is more narrative focused. We're eschewing the town-dungeon-repeat format for a story-focused experience. There's no wandering and random encounters, but a progression from start to finish with dialogue, combat, and story all woven together throughout the whole run. You still walk around and talk to people in 2D though.

2. Combat, man; is it turn-based or real time?

Real-time. We're action junkies here and we wanted the combat to have some momentum. The controls are simple and emphasize skill. As you'll soon see, novice players can stumble their way through but the battles reward excellence and mastering the system will lead to fast and spectacular fights.

3. So how exactly do the game and theatrical play relate?

The show is a direct sequel of the game, picking up after the game ends with the same characters, world, and so on. However, the different story paths in the game lead to different endings, which have corresponding different beginnings in the show. So the world of the show will change based on how people play the game. Owners of the game will also be able to stream the show! Down the line we'll release bonus content for those who attend the show as well.

It's a fun and ambitious transmedia project that meshes together the worlds of video games and theater - and we're excited to share it all with you!

4. So how do you determine what game ending to use for each showing of the play?

We'll play with different ideas. The main method will be to daily or weekly see how people across the board have played the game, and the most popular path/ending will be used. However, we will also do occasional contests and drawings wherein one player's data (often someone attending the show) will determine the story that night.

5. You said the play would be game-like. What does that mean?

Two things, mainly. First, it will be set in the world of video games, and we'll bring those effects to life. Expect platforming, giant monsters, UI, magic, and more!

Second, the audience will continue to interact with and change the show after the beginning, making choices and being given collective challenges to determine the course of the story at key times. You get to play the game of the show in the theater! I don't know if that makes sense but it sounds exciting and it is!

6. Where can I see the play?

The debut is in Heroic Games' home of San Antonio, but we want to get the show to as many theaters around the U.S. as possible. As mentioned above, anyone who owns the game will be able to watch the play via online streaming, but if all goes according to plan we hope to see you in person at a theater near you!

7. Where can I get the game?

We plan to release it on PC, Mac, tablets (both iOS and Android), and potentially smartphones, depending on testing. 

8. Are you done?


9. Awww...

Yeah, sorry.

10. One more question?


11. What does the title refer to anyway? Does everybody die?

Maybe... Heroes Must Die refers to the plot of the game, the nature of the hero archetype in the cosmogonic cycle, the nature of heroes in video games, all wrapped into one. That's all we'll say for now!