Heroes Must Die

Heroic Games

Heroes Must Die by Heroic Games combines an indie video game RPG and an interactive theater production.

HMD at the Museum of Art (sort of)

While 99% of my creative juices go to Heroes Must Die, I still occasionally branch out and write or perform or design elsewhere for a refresher. So when I was asked by Gemini Ink to join a collaboration with the San Antonio Museum of Art, I said yes for several reasons:

  • It was another transmedia project, combining theater and visual art
  • I love the organizers and other playwrights involved
  • I do occasionally need to do something with my life other than HMD
  • We'd be working directly with the San Antonio Museum of Art, which lends an air of class to my work I can only otherwise achieve by impersonating someone else
Above: class

Above: class

They concocted a cool plan to have us write unique performances inspired by the pieces in their famous Matisse exhibit. However, I had some reservations. Namely:

Still, I could see the exhibit, research, bounce ideas off the other playwrights, and so on. I ended up learning a lot about his contributions to the art world. He had a fascinating rivalry/friendship with Picasso and they inspired each other (or stole from each other, depending on your point of view) and several times through their career completely redefined how people thought of the visual arts, from the more well-known Cubism

to Fauvism

The colors, the colors!

The colors, the colors!

to cutouts.

Go home cutout horse, you're drunk.

Go home cutout horse, you're drunk.

Matisse was initially ridiculed for using what some critics considered a children's hobby, but soon his paper cutouts impressed and inspired many with their intense colors, graceful shapes, and imaginative, pleasing patterns.

I appreciate that, especially when you compare the shift in thought about video games. Initially ignored as  pointless diversion then decried as the cause of all violence, now games are seen as a critical tool in helping learn and an excellent way to foster the incredibly important developmental concept of play.

If you're in San Antonio, come check out the show. August 15th, 6:30, at the art museum. I'll be playing Picasso.