Heroes Must Die

Heroic Games

Heroes Must Die by Heroic Games combines an indie video game RPG and an interactive theater production.

News and Updates

Some quick updates!


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Release is imminent! Current estimate is April 2nd, just past doing stupid fool crap and just before the show to give time to play.


Rehearsals are under way! We're days away from some initial props, costumes, and sets, and hard at work with blocking, choreography, and build. Look at them swing those giant swords.

So big

So big

The show runs April 14-23. Buy tickets at the door. But mark your calendars! 

Some key dates:

April 15th is the live stream. Details to come here, Facebook, blog, everywhere.

April 16th you can meet the game devs. We'll have the programmer, environment artist, composer, and writer/designer at the show to talk.

April 22nd is our talkback night to learn about the process from cast and crew. As a special treat, creative leads from Bioware will be there to talk about games as art!