Heroes Must Die

Heroic Games

Heroes Must Die by Heroic Games combines an indie video game RPG and an interactive theater production.


That’s a fact. It’s just part of the journey. They also must kill, and get other people killed. In fact, they are pretty much the epicenter of a screaming whirlwind of blood and destruction. Heroes Must Die owns that fact, and then cranks it up to eleven. It’s a raging firestorm of action and an inappropriately hilarious tsunami of comedy. At the center of all of this mayhem is you. Heroes Must Die tells your story, forces you to make the tough decisions, and creates a unique story across media based on choices made by you, the audience, and the world.

So what is Heroes Must Die? Only the world’s first combination video game and live theatrical production! Rock through an insanely deep, branching story in a comedic action RPG, where you’ll be comparing stories with your friends for weeks. Then join a roaring crowd in a theater to see a live performance that changes every night based both on the audience decisions in that show and the decisions made by players in the game previously. Unlock secrets in the game that can only be accessed by attending the show. Damn straight, we ain’t kidding.

Are video games art? Is gaming culture dominated by griefers, trolls, and jerkoffs, or is it the ultimate social bonding experience? How have modern games changed the nature of heroes since classic mythology? How high does blood spurt after completing a 20-chain combo against an army of masked assassins? These are the questions Heroes Must Die tackles, hog-ties, and parades through town.

In 2014, Heroes Will Die.