Heroes Must Die

Heroic Games

Heroes Must Die by Heroic Games combines an indie video game RPG and an interactive theater production.

Heroic Games

Heroes Must Die is produced by Heroic Games, LLC. Founded and based in San Antonio, TX, Heroic Games is committed to multimedia and transmedia projects for education and entertainment. If it's never been done before, Heroic Games will make it happen.

Currently Heroic Games is working on Heroes Must Die with a team of about 10 contracted artists, composers, programmers, and more.

The Creator, Rick Stemm

Rick Stemm is a playwright and game designer known for highly interactive, highly entertaining works that bend genres, re-imagine classics, cross media and technology, and always bring the audience in on the fun. His hyperbolically popular shows have played in Madison, New York, and San Antonio, and his educational design is seen by learners across the country.

Rick co-wrote the Sherlockian choose-your-own-adventure You've Ruined a Perfectly Good Mystery, which was voted the favorite new show in Madison, WI and played at the New York International Film Festival. His Bollywood action musical Open Sesame! broke box office records at San Antonio's perennial favorite Overtime Theater. He was a commission artist for the city's most recent Luminaria arts festival, creating a venue-spanning interactive piece. He was lead writer and designer at the former startup Twist Education, the creative vision behind science learning games.

Rick is based in San Antonio, Texas, where he also teaches kung fu.